Menopause doesn’t need to stop your life

Don’t settle for life as it is. Feel like the real you again.

Everything you need to navigate menopause successfully in a 12-week online course
brought to you by Sarah Brenchley and Andrea Riggans, New Zealand menopause experts.

Did you notice that no one ever talks about peri-menopause and menopause?

It’s like the secret women’s business that periods used to be when we were growing up.

But now our daughters and young women are freely talking about periods. Getting support and information from many different places.

Menopause is a natural transition for our body. The book-end to puberty. But menopause doesn’t need to stop our life.

All we need is the right information, support and accountability to help us navigate it successfully. So it has as little impact on our life as possible. Allowing us to really feel like women in the prime of life.

Menopause makes changes to our bodies and we need trusted information from experts to help us make sense of what we’re experiencing. It’s frustrating when we can’t find the solutions to help us feel human again.

Trus t us

to change your experience of menopause

Welcome! We’re Sarah and Andrea, and as peri-menopausal women ourselves we can totally relate to what you’re going through.

Many women we help are feeling crap because they’re gaining weight, getting hot flushes, not sleeping properly and having mood swings. And nothing they do seems to stop this. But it doesn’t have to be this way.

We’re here to tell you menopause doesn’t need to stop your life. And with our backgrounds in naturopathy and fitness, we’ve got the expertise and experience to show you how.

You can look forward to the next stage of life instead of being controlled by your hormones and feeling crap.

It only takes 12 weeks to feel like the real you again

“The program was great, thank you both so much! I feel like I learnt so much and achieved a lot fairly quickly on it.

My main drivers were around energy levels and PMS and the improvement in both was really dramatic and happened within a very short time frame (within a couple of weeks).

I’m still feeling great and continuing with the ‘norm’. I’ve lost about 4-5kg, which while it wasn’t a goal of mine, was a bonus!

You guys were a big part of our lives for those 12 weeks”

-Kirsten, Auckland

Why the belly fat?

How to lose weight and feel amazing during peri/menopause.

The next 30 minutes could change your life.

In this free webinar, Sarah brings you up to speed on :

  • The truth about menopause
  • The symptoms of menopause
  • What causes hormone imbalance
  • What’s with the belly fat?!
  • 10 things you can do to balance out your hormones
  • And how to exercise during menopause
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