Menopause makes changes to our bodies and we need trusted information from experts to help us make sense of what we’re experiencing.

Come on!

We’ve got this far in our lives all we want to do is to feel fantastic again. Menopause doesn’t need to stop your life.

Many women we help successfully navigate menopause experience

80% of women experience menopause symptoms

20% experience severe menopause symptoms

Don’t settle for life as it is.
Feel like the real you again.

Trus t us

to change your experience of menopause

We’re Sarah and Andrea, and as peri-menopausal women ourselves we can totally relate to what you’re going through.

Many women we help are feeling crap because they’re gaining weight, getting hot flushes, not sleeping properly and having mood swings. And nothing they do seems to stop this. But it doesn’t have to be this way.

We’re here to tell you menopause doesn’t need to stop your life. And with our backgrounds in naturopathy and fitness we’ve got the expertise and experience to show you how.

You can look forward to the next stage of life instead of being controlled by your hormones and feeling crap.

In our Hormone Empowerment 12 week programme we’ve combined all you need to know to regain control of your body with exercise, nutrition, naturopathy and mind-set to provide knowledge and tools to understand your body.

We help you learn how your hormones are impacting your body and mind.

And give you support and get accountability to make long-lasting lifestyle changes in a community of like-minded women.

So you can feel empowered to take on the world and live the life you want. Getting your mojo back and feel motivated, invigorated, energetic and empowered.

You can look forward to the next stage of life instead of being controlled by your hormones and feeling crap.

“I’m feeling really positive about the changes I am making – more than just diet and exercise. Even without having done much on the mind-set front yet, I’ve become aware of some really negative self-belief that I’ve bought into over the years. I’m looking forward to a shift away from that. I’m finding the education really interesting!! I’m totally blown away by how much time and resources you guys are putting in to us – thank you.”

“I learnt a heap about my body that  at 50 I probably should have known already.
I love the workouts from Andrea will hopefully get brave enough to try all of them:)Sarah and Andrea – you are both amazing – so motivated – positive – and knowledgeable!
You guys are easy to talk to and relate to, and every time I asked for something you always delivered! So thanks for all your support and encouragement!!!”


“‘I have noticed a change, hot flushes seem to have gone. Mind clearer
I find the longer you stick at it the less you crave those “bad” foods. I have lost weight
too so am happy about that!’
‘Implementing some of the workouts, not being too hard on myself if I miss it, but feel so
good after I do exercise. Had a great week. Feeling much better’ I was not expecting all
the work you have put into this program. It’s wonderful and I’m really enjoying it.”

Sarah Brenchley

Specialist in women’s reproductive health
Degree-qualified naturopath and herbalist
Currently studying Masters in Human Nutrition (Deakin University)
Previous tutor and head of department at leading natural therapy college
Research committee member for World Naturopathic Federation on behalf of the WHO
Best Clinical Practitioner in Herbal Medicine award (Wellpark College)
Academic Excellence in Naturopathy award (Wellpark College)
Put forward for membership, by Deakin University, to the prestigious Golden Key International Honour Society (invite-only for top 15% high achieving students globally).

Andrea Riggans

Specialist in women’s fitness during menopause
Trained Health and Fitness Professional
Max International College for Fitness Professionals
Nominated as top 3 students of the year at Max International College for Fitness Professionals
Thump Boxing Coach
Menopause Hormone Trained Coach through Menofitness
Owner, New You personal training studio

Too many women are experiencing symptoms that make them feel crap that are completely preventable and sort-outable by simple lifestyle and dietary habits.

When women eat well, move well and live well so does the rest of their family…this dominoes out and so we have a healthier world. We don’t need to put up with the symptoms of menopause. It doesn’t have to be this way. It’s our absolute right to feel well and vibrant.

Andrea and Sarah

It only takes 12 weeks to feel like the real you again

You deserve to feel empowered about the lifestyle choices you make, with the full information about how your hormones are impacting your weight, mood and health.