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Do I need to exercise myself to exhaustion to lose weight?

Do I need to be exercising and flogging myself in the gym to lose weight?

Short answer – NO!!!!

Sometimes ladies feel frustrated as they exercise like a crazy woman, and yet they still put on weight and see no results.

The problem I see today – they are either over-exercising OR not exercising enough & BOTH can have a dramatic result on our weight and how we feel.

When it comes to not sleeping properly – that can impact our motivation to exercise (energy) and so therefore it’s probably not a good idea to go and do some HIIT training or a long run on days like this.

It’s all individualisednot one size fits all.

It depends on what your health goals are.  Not only that, it depends on what is your current hormonal situation. If you are stressed out and have adrenal issues right now, then HIIT and long drawn out exercise is a big stress on your body and on your adrenals – so it’s not a good idea.

We want exercise to increase our energy and make us feel good – we don’t want exercise to deplete your energy and make you feel worse.

It also depends on your pelvic floor health as well. HIIT and heavy weights will put pressure on your pelvic floor, so it’s always a good idea to get professional help and a professional trainer who can assist you with this and make sure you are doing the exercises correctly.

So to start of with – it depends on your goals, it depends on your hormonal health and your pelvic floor.

There is no right or wrong in general… what is your goal? And what is your current hormonal situation?

Is it to lose weight, gain energy, or simply maintain?

Ask yourself – is your current plan working for you? If yes then great, if not then it might need to change.

We are not the same – your hormonal situation and body is different from mine, so what we need to do is first find out what exactly works for YOU. We cover all of this on our VIP program – we work with you as an individual and personally to get the right fit and plan for YOU.

If you are feeling exhausted at the end of the week, then maybe you’re overdoing it.

For example, if your goal is fat loss, and all you do is a gentle walk 3 x a week, then that’s great, but it’s not going to burn fat.

One thing we must be doing is some type of weight bearing or strength training exercise. What we want to do is protect our bones and prevent bone loss and osteoporosis Plus our muscle mass. It doesn’t mean you have to go to the gym! You can do it from home.

Top 4 Tips!

  1. Make sure you enjoy it and are having fun! Do what brings you joy. There is no point in running if you hate running.
  2. It’s really important we get huffy and puffy – because our heart is a muscle and we need to use it. If we do long duration or 2 classes a day, or a run in the morning then a class in the afternoon,  then this is going to be detrimental to your results as it just puts more stress on the body & you will end up worse off
  3. Interval Training – We exercise as hard as we can go – then we stop & rest until we catch our breath, then go again. Not 20 secs work – 10 secs rest like the tabata way we are used too, and you don’t need to do this for an hour or so. Just do it at a pace & time which is comfortable for you and build on it.
  4. Rest and Recovery days – or active recovery. Things such as walking, yoga, pilates, swimming etc… Active gentle recovery exercise that is good for us and de-stressing for the body.

Once you get the balance right with your hormones, your nutrition and the right kind of exercise for you, you will be away laughing with a strong lean body!

Andrea xx

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