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Exercising like crazy and still nothing changing?

Are you hitting the gym every day and seeing no results? Are you doing cardio 5x a week because someone has told you that’s the best way to lose weight?

Overdoing the exercise in peri-menopause will do the exact opposite of what it is you are trying to achieve when it comes to weight loss and building lean muscle. 

When it comes to exercise choices in mid-life, FIRST UP – we must sort out our stress, sleep and joint health first, as well as learn how to exercise (or get back into some regular exercise for those of you who are more sedentary), not only for our changing cardiac health, but also for your bone health and muscle mass, plus the mood boosting benefits!

Throughout peri/menopause, one of the most challenging symptoms is insomnia and night sweats leading to fatigue. 

For some women, this makes exercising not as easy as it used to be.

If you aren’t sleeping, then our stress hormone called cortisol remains high, and therefore, you cannot recover overnight from all the higher intensity activity plus you are more prone to the risk of an injury.

So if you are a women who is used to high intensity activity, 6-7 days pw, this may mean cutting back on the intensity of your exercise and changing the way you now move your body. 

We do want bone health, we do want to maintain our muscle mass and we do want cardiovascular health as we move through menopause.

A sedentary lifestyle is NOT ideal, (think unfit crippled old lady!!)  But thrashing ourselves with too much HIIT is also not ideal as this will put MORE stress on our bodies that are already going through enough right now.

Peri/menopause can be a really challenging time of life. So we need to remember,  it’s not about ‘what’ exercise we do, but simply that we do move our bodies and the TYPE of exercise we do.

The type of exercise I suggest is:

  • Some form of Huffy Puffy Cardiovascular exercise (this can be as simple as going for a good 45 min walk with some hills!) 
  • Weights – strength training is a MUST! If you are doing it correctly with a trainer – you should only have to do this once a week.
  • Yoga, Pilates, Walking, Swimming…. Any kind of active recovery low intensity exercise is fantastic for movement and to decrease your stress levels. Pilates is also good for strength

It is so important to maintain our bone health and muscle mass as they are on a rapid decline.  So forget about thrashing yourself at the gym or with multiple sessions of pounding the pavement, bring it down a notch, de-stress the body, slow it down, do some great physical activities that will benefit you, not stress your body out, watch your food and see the results happen for you way better than they did from over-exercising with too much cardio.

What are the next steps?

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