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How do we stay on track when our ‘normal’ is out of whack?

How do we stay focussed in the weekends and in uncertain times like these?

Healthy eating and exercise habits are usually on auto-pilot throughout the work week, but Friday comes around and many of us tend to let loose by having one too many cocktails, indulging in brunch or other restaurant meals, sleeping in and skipping our workouts. Sound like you? Here are my best tips for how to stay on track over the weekend AND over lockdown!

For most people it’s pretty easy to stick with healthy eating and a structured workout routine during the workweek, but for whatever reason the weekends throw us for a loop.

If you add up all the weekend days in a month (counting Friday, Saturday & Sunday) it’s about 12 days, which is almost HALF OF THE MONTH. So taking off on the weekends means you’re literally taking off 50% of the time, which isn’t ideal if you have a goal set to lose weight or get in shape.

I’m not saying that there isn’t room for some splurges and treats, but it’s important to keep your health goals in mind when making choices over the weekend. Considering the mental health and stress on many of us right now, it’s easy to put on ‘lockdown weight’ and we saw many women do this last time, so here are some tips to help keep you on track.

Stay focused and keep with your normal routine

One of the big things that throws us off on the weekend & in times like this, is lack of routine or structure. If that’s the case for you, come up with a routine.  Get up at a certain time, no leisurely sleep in during the week.  Get up, go for a walk, workout, have your breakfast, do some journaling or whatever it is you need too in order to create some type of routine and normality. Keep your normal weekly bedtime and try to stick to a normal routine.

Limit your alcohol

A lot of people use alcohol as a way to relax.  Having a drink here and there is totally fine, but it’s super important to find other ways to relax and decompress.

Alcohol can wreak havoc on your hormones ladies! So please don’t turn to it to relax and try and find other ways.

A few ideas: exercise, catch up with an old friend via zoom, take a bath, watch your fav movie, do a home pampering evening.  Of course if you do plan to indulge in a few alcoholic beverages, it’s best to drink water or another calorie-free beverage between drinks and don’t get so tipsy that you throw caution to the wind about what’s going into your mouth. I know we all hate this one, but it’s true: studies show that one of the top sources of extra calories is alcohol, so it pays to scale back.

Eat a healthy breakfast

A healthy breakfast starts your metabolism, helps to control your appetite all day and sets the foundation for how the rest of the day will play out. You can have yummy shared breakfast of nice cooked eggs or healthy oats or some homemade healthy pancakes and enjoy healthy food that tastes good and the whole family will enjoy.

Stick with the basics – When planning meals, load your plate with lean protein, healthy fats, and lots of fruit and veggies so that you feel satisfied. Many people tend to graze throughout these times rather than sitting down for full meals. This practice is fine for some people, but it easily leads to overeating for most!

Keep a food journal

This is a great tip! Writing down what you eat is the most accurate way to hold yourself accountable and ensure you’re not sabotaging your diet too much or use My Fitness Pal or Lifesum app to keep a track. All those small bites and sips that you quickly forget about add up!

Find healthy ways to indulge

Do you crave pizza? No worries, you can make a healthy version! And it’s ok to indulge in these things – just look for healthier ways to make them.

Moderation is key – Eat and enjoy your favourite foods in moderation. Deprivation tends to backfire so if you really want a treat, eat and enjoy it and then move on.

Use this ‘post it note’ trick…

This is by far my fav tip!  Think about what you are saying ‘yes’ too and not about what you are saying ‘no’ too.

You are saying yes to fitting your clothes, you are saying yes to health, you are saying yes to no medication, you are saying yes to energy, you are saying yes to unshakable confidence, you are saying yes to happiness and better moods, you are saying yes to life!

So stick the post it note on your fridge and on your pantry door and write “What am I saying Yes too” and think about that before you indulge in that bar of chocolate for the 3rd time that week!

Last but not least, don’t let one setback keep you from working toward your health goals. If you slip-up, don’t let it get you down or bring on the mindset of saying I’ve already screwed up, might as well toss in the towel and start again on tomorrow.  Nope! Just make sure your next meal is a healthy one and keep on going.

We got this! X

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