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My letter of truth…

My letter of truth…

This is a hard letter for me to write, but I found that last time I wrote this letter, it really opened up conversation and helped others, and also showed that I am real and not superhuman!

6 years ago, I had a swollen droopy eye, I thought I looked terribly tired and very aged!  I thought I was run down and needed to just sort out my health a bit better… eating chocolate over easter and feeling like crap from eating sugar made it swell more, being tired made it waaay worse… So I went to the doctor…

Initially I went to the doctor (after leaving it for probably months) for something else and just ‘threw in’ the eye issue at the end.  Well thank god I had a great doctor and she sent me off to the Milford Eye Specialist.  (another appointment I cancelled a couple of times at first!) shakes head….

Anyway, eye specialist sends me off for an MRI scan – first warning bells…. Could be a case of taking some steroids he says OR it could be Lymphoma… Never heard of it!

Well you guessed it… it was Lymphoma!  After previously stating very loudly I wouldn’t have ever taken steroids, I was now wishing it was something I could easily fix now and take that back…

I then had a Biopsy. I thought this Biopsy was going to be a tiny needle – but no! It was a very thin cut over the whole top of my eyelid! Holy moly I looked like I had been beaten to a pulp by Rocky!

The journey then began…

The first person I went to was Sarah, she was amazing! Told me to give up my daily coffee – Nooooo!!!! and dairy and meat and basically, I changed my diet to mostly veggies and chicken and fish.  I started juicing and threw myself into natural therapies as much as possible. I was seeing Sarah and Naturopaths and we were going to cancer seminars and talks, and I just dove right in!

I didn’t trust the oncologist the specialist sent me to at AK hospital, we had medical insurance and I wasn’t’ preparade to go public with some lady I didn’t like…. So I chose to just try heal myself.  I read books, I watched documentaries, I went to all the people who felt right for me and who supported what I was doing.  I went and had intravenous Vitamin C for approximately 3 months 2-3x a week.

It was there at the vitamin C clinic that a lady told me about an amazing oncologist who I finally went to see as I was sick of looking like one of Rocky’s punching bags! I met my wonderful oncologist Dr Anthony Falcov, I trusted him straight away. This man was incredible, so incredible, I knew he was right for me.

He assured me that he had pinpointed radiation right to the exact spot on my tumor – no scatter!  I had half the amount and half the time needed for radiation due to its grade. He supported my natural therapies and was so supportive and lovely.  I trusted him.  He was by my side for 5 years and always so supportive. You have to be happy with the person looking after you.

Remember – I was DEAD AGAINST doing any radiation, so this was a big deal for me.

Now during this time – I did not ONCE feel sick! In fact, I felt healthier than ever! I loved what I was doing for my body, all the supplements I was taking and all the goodness I was putting into it, I sometimes feel like I should go back and do another bout of all of that! I also had amazing friends and Sarah checking in on me and helping me so much during that time.

The reason why I find this so hard to write about…. Well I’m a health and exercise professional, so why did I get Lymphoma?

I know I had been under a lot of stress at the time, and when looking into food more, I perhaps wasn’t eating as good as I thought, but who knows why really?

But it’s almost shameful and embarrassing and hard for me to talk about, as this thing doesn’t’ happen to health professionals does it?

So, writing this feels really uncomfortable.

But I am human too, and so is Sarah, and I’m sure Sarah will write her blog about her journey too.

You 100% need the right support and help from the right people to get your through and I had that.

To write this though and share it with you is hard… It’s a huge deal because I find it embarrassing because I am supposed to be the role model that is healthy and fit and strong!

But I want you to get to know me and I want to share my vulnerability with you and show you that I am real, and shit happens to us ‘healthy’ ones too.  I learnt a lot of lessons, and I hope that now I can go back to that time and ensure that I remain healthy and look after my stress and my fitness so this kind of thing doesn’t happen again and I am strong!

Think about your health seriously. If you don’t have health, you have nothing.

Andrea xxx

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