Your 12-week pathway to hormone empowerment

Many women in their 40’s and beyond are searching for answers to why they’re feeling crap. They’re looking for solutions to help them successfully lose weight, stop their hot flushes and steady their mood, but not finding the information and support they need.

Hormone Empowerment is a 12-week online programme that supports and educates menopausal women to make informed choices about how they eat, exercise and think in this stage of their life.

You deserve to feel empowered about the lifestyle choices you make, with full, personalised information about how your hormones are impacting your weight, mood and health.

12 weeks to feel like

the real you a gain

Over 12-weeks course you’ll be guided by Sarah and Andrea, New Zealand menopause experts. Together, they’ll help you achieve:

  • A clear understanding of how your body works, why you are experiencing these changes and signs and symptoms
  • A positive change in how you feel and how you see yourself
  • Elimination or reduction in all or at least some of your menopausal symptoms
  • Empowerment to make informed decisions on how to improve your life
  • A sense of being part of a community of empowered women. Knowing that you’re not alone in your experiences
  • Support, feeling safe and listened too and have your questions answered
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“I learnt a heap about my body that at 50 I probably should have known already. Sarah and Andrea, you are both amazing. So motivated, positive and knowledgeable! You guys are easy to talk to and relate to, and every time I asked for something you always delivered! So thanks for all your support and encouragement.”

A.S, Auckland

Get your mojo back and feel motivated, invigorated,
energetic and empowered again

12-week Hormone Empowerment Programme

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Full Programme
Over 50 Videos on nutrition, digestion, hormones, lifestyle, mind-set and goal setting
16 videos on fitness and exercise
Fitness and Exercise Manual
Mind-set Manual
Recipe Book
Access to Private Facebook Group for additional support
Eve test is an optional extra cost ($249)
Food Analysis is an optional extra cost ($100)
Personalised one-on-one coaching with Sarah is an optional extra ($110)
One-on-one personal training with Andrea is an optional extra ($65)
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The Self Guided programme doesn’t include the Eve™ Hormone Balance Test, so you can buy this separately here, if you’d like to do the test.

The Eve™ Hormone Balance Test measures 19 different hormonal markers and their metabolites through analysing a urine sample, collected in the comfort of your home.

After collecting your sample at home you will free-post it to a New Zealand-based laboratory for analysis by Eve’s PhD qualified lab scientists. Once analysis is complete (approx. 4-6 weeks) you will receive your test results online, along with a clear and easy to understand report complete with diet, lifestyle and nutritional recommendations that have been personalised to you.

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