Hormone Empowerment Programme - Hormone Empowerment

Hormone Empowerment Programme


    The Hormone Empowerment programme is an online course that you can work through any time and anywhere. During the programme you will be guided by Sarah and Andrea, New Zealand menopause experts.

    Together, we will help you achieve:

    -A clear understanding of how your body works, why you are experiencing these changes and signs and symptoms
    -A positive change in how you feel and how you see yourself
    -Elimination or reduction in all or at least some of your menopausal symptoms
    -Empowerment to make informed decisions on how to improve your life
    -A sense of being part of a community of empowered women. Knowing that you’re not alone in your experiences
    -Support, feeling safe and listened too and have your questions answered

    Videos and workbooks on:
    * The foundations of nutrition
    * Hormonal changes during menopause
    * How hormonal changes affect our symptoms of menopause
    * Pros and cons of popular diets during menopause
    * Mind-set and motivation
    * Exercise during menopause
    * Pelvic floor muscle changes during menopause
    * How to balance hormonal changes through Nutrition, Sleep, Managing Stress, Healthy Digestion and Detoxification and Mindset.

    Plus Practical Resources:
    * Recipe book for hormone balancing meals
    * Weekly workout videos
    * Fitness Training e-book
    * Mindset Manual

    We also have an amazing private Facebook group that you will get extra support in and be part of a growing community of amazing women on the same journey of making menopause easy.

    We can’t wait to work with you.