Hormone Empowerment Refund & Cancellation Policy


5.1 Cancellation of the Self-Directed Programme will not result in a refund.

5.2 You may cancel or suspend the Products and/or Services we provide on the VIP Personalised programme at any time by providing a Cancellation Notice to us, if either of the following events occur: – you are diagnosed by a suitability qualified medical practitioner with a physical or mental illness that results in it being detrimental to you to continue to receive of Services and you provide us with a medical certificate to this effect; or – we otherwise determine (in our absolute discretion) that your medical circumstances are such that we cannot provide our Services to you.

5.3 If our Services are cancelled in accordance with clause 1.2 and provided that we have not given you access to our Services by alternative means, we will provide a pro-rata refund of the Price paid by you in connection with the Services, within twenty (20) Business Days of our receipt of the Cancellation Notice. You acknowledge that we will calculate this pro-rata refund according to the total price paid by you for the Services and the number of remaining Steps to complete the course we offer as part of the Services (which may therefore result in your refund being zero if you are more than half-way through).

5.4 Hormone Testing is intrinsic to the total price of the VIP Personalised programme and cannot be refunded or removed.

5.5. Any additional services such as herbal medicine, supplementation or testing is to be paid separately and will not be refunded once ordered. Additional or further naturopathic/nutritional consultations, health coaching, personal training or fitness classes are to be paid separately and are subject to separate policies. Please contact respective parties for information regarding this.