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What is the best type of exercise to do after 40?

What is the best type of exercise to do after 40 by hormone empowerment andrea riggans

Exercise after 40 needs to change.

Our bodies are not the same as they were in our 20s and 30s, so the way we do exercise requires a different type of training that will work FOR you rather than against you.

Exercise to burn fat after 40 has to accomplish 3 things:

  1. Release fat from the fat cell
  2. Blood flow to the muscle & muscle stimulation
  3. Making sure all the fat that was released gets burned

So what type of exercise will do this?

  • High-intensity interval type cardio work to release fat
  • Weight training to make sure you maintain lean muscle
  • Recovery lifestyle activities to burn the fat that was released and lower cortisol

So, each workout you do should involve these types of activities. In addition, recovery lifestyle activities should be done as often and as much as possible on all days. You can’t walk or relax too much. They provide the “Yin” in exercise…

Your workout program should look like this:

  • 3 x High-intensity interval type cardio per week (the way we do HIIT also needs to change – I will share how below)
  • 2 x Weight training/resistance workouts per week
  • Recovery lifestyle activities every day e.g. leisure walking, Tai Chi, Yoga etc
  • No more than two days a week of long moderate intensity activity like biking, jogging or running

PLEASE NOTE: If you have incontinence or a pelvic organ prolapse you can still do these types of exercises with specific modifications to protect your pelvic floor.
ALSO PLEASE NOTE: If you are experiencing any type of adrenal issues which is high or low cortisol levels then you must follow a specific exercise regime designed by your Hormone Empowerment Coach

So what does HIIT look like after 40?

High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) is done a little differently when you hit peri/menopause. We want to go for no longer than MAX 20 mins, and instead of the rule of 20 secs work/10 secs rest, we need to change that slightly to accommodate our bodies and not stress our bodies out.

What this means is you ‘work’ – so get puffed so you are breathless for a certain time – let’s say 30 secs for example – then the difference with this way of HIIT is you then REST for as long as it takes to get your breath back – then you ‘work’ again.

Now as you get fitter and stronger the ‘rest’ periods in between will get shorter which is awesome. But we don’t want to push our bodies to the limit and be thrashing them as that puts more stress on the body and that then equals fat storage rather than fat loss.

Women who have either been forced to slow down and just do walks and yoga and a bit of strength, who have previously run 6 times a week for example, actually noticed a huge change in their bodies and their mind by simply changing the way they trained and slowed it down a bit.

Train smarter – not harder and you will reap the rewards!

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