Why do women suffer menopause in silence??? - Hormone Empowerment

Why do women suffer menopause in silence???

Why do women suffer menopause in silence - by hormone empowerment

Can anyone be truly happy, if all they dwell upon is what makes them sad?

Before you read this, and venture into the journey that is moving through peri/menopause, it is absolutely vital that you understand and accept, that mindset is a HUGE part of your growth, your success, your life – and if you fail to grasp and understand how important this is, life and going through this journey won’t be as easy for you.

The greatest challenge we face today, as individuals, is that we are overly consumed by focusing on, and paying attention to everything that we DO NOT WANT.

Our thoughts, feelings and points of view are so passionately geared towards the things that make us absolutely miserable. We are more focused on the problems than we are on the solutions, and for most of us, we feel helpless to provide any sort of solution to the challenges our lives can be filled with, often leading us to feel helpless, hopeless, and ultimately depressed.

Our Hormone Empowerment program is not designed to focus on your problems, it is a guide to uncover the truth within, no matter how uncomfortable that may be, and to teach you what it is you need to focus on, to draw you out of your frustrations and into the life you know you not only deserve, but the life you are truly capable of living. It’s a community that is loving and supportive and it is a place to take complete control of your body and learn what’s going on and how to fix it.

So why do we suffer in silence?

Most women will go through menopause at some point in their life. Yet, similarly to menstruation, there is a stigma around talking about this natural part of aging. Why should women feel ashamed to talk about this? And why should they have to quietly suffer when struggling with the ongoing symptoms associated with it?

It’s the ‘Menopause club’ that not many women want to celebrate and it’s not talked about enough.

We are losing our fertility, our body has a mind of its own, our looks are changing, we are gaining rolls where there were never rolls before, our moods are a roller coaster of emotions, we are sweaty, bitchy, itchy and just damn right fed up!

Some women feel that men become the ‘silver handsome fox’ and yet why don’t we don’t feel that way?

The emotional and psychological issues that can arise during peri-menopause is complex and a very emotional time for many women, and I can see why they want to hide away and suffer in silence.

Menopause is a major life transition for a woman. We also need to be aware that some women may very well not recognise or accept that she is entering menopause.

However, in whatever way we experience this transition through to menopause, it’s our job to help you embrace this transition so you can find your way through to the other side as post-menopausal women.
A beautiful brave lady who’s body has done it’s work in one phase and now ready for the next. There are fantastic valid reasons as to why we go into menopause, it’s needed, it’s healthy and it needs to be talked about and celebrated as much as we can.
Women need community and friends they can talk too. They need professional help in many areas, and thank god we have amazing professional help out there!

As Sarah likes to put it – think of yourself emerging from breaking out of a caterpillar into a beautiful butterfly! It’s time to fly ladies! There is so much help and support out there for you, we don’t need to suffer in silence. We don’t need to suffer at all.

Menopause is normal, suffering is not.

Learning to come to terms with it, learning what your body is doing and what to feed it, surrounding yourself with amazing communities is going to get you through and not have you suffering in silence, and focus your energy on what you DO want rather than what you don’t.

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