Your Xmas Health Survival Guide! - Hormone Empowerment

Your Xmas Health Survival Guide!

Xmas Survival Checklist!

  1. Make an exercise plan and stick to it like Glue!

Lock in your exercise plan for 4-5 days per week for the next 2-3 weeks.  Going away? Not a problem, so many exercise freebies online, look at You Tube and find one and go for it!  You can run, walk, bike ride etc…   Get it done early first thing in the morning before the heat & drinks start.  You will feel so much better and set up for the day if you get it done and are feeling good right from the start.

  1. Make sure you have healthy meal options and snacks on hand

Try to make your week as easy as possible. Stick to the basics: Oats or a smoothie etc for brekkie, maybe some eggs or healthy pancakes with the family! Perhaps a salad and protein for lunch, or a nice healthy sammie, or moderate healthy carb and protein option, and then stick to salad and protein for dinner for example.    It’s totally understandable to have the cheese and chippie drinkies at this time of year – just position yourself away from the temptations, don’t sit right in front of the bowl of chips!  Make yourself a wee plate of some crackers and cheese and enjoy that then stop! Be aware of having monster portions – it’s not necessary!

  1. Drink plenty of water and watch the alcohol intake

Make sure you are drinking 2L of water a day minimum.  We get hot in summer and sweat more so we need to make sure we are drinking water.  Limit your alcohol consumption, it doesn’t need to be every night. Some nights swap out the alcohol or if you aren’t a drinker like me, then change it to a nice sparkling kombucha in a fancy champagne glass just to be extra special and to stop people asking you ‘why aren’t you drinking’… Alcohol adds extra calories and all other food you consume will be then stored as fat as the alcohol is a toxin, so hence the body tries to get rid of that, and works hard to remove the alcohol so in turn stores all food consumed at the same time as fat.

  1. Plan your cheat meals/days ahead of time

It would be great if you could have perhaps 2 cheat days/meals per week if that was possible.  There is a huge difference mentally between eating a planned cheat meal where you know you are going to just have fun and relax around your food, than ‘blowing’ it when you didn’t plan on it.

Decide which events you will allow yourself freedom to drink & eat whatever you want.  There is going to be more parties and events at this time of year, so get clear on when you will let loose and when you will rein it in so you don’t come back in January 5kg heavier!

  1. Eat for fuel

Always: Tell yourself “I will only provide my body with the best food it needs to function” and if the food you are about to eat doesn’t fit with that sentence swap it!  Always ask what is this meal doing for me? What are the benefits? You can still eat pizza and burgers btw – there are healthier yummier ways to make them! Experiment!

  1. Be Prepared

Always have fresh food around you that is easy to grab – nuts, berries, fruit, veg. If you are prepared you will be less likely to fall when you crave, and you have no excuses when you are busy!

  1. If it is good for you, it’s good for your kids/friends/family

Don’t buy the “treats” for your guests or kids. If it’s important for YOU to eat healthy, care enough about you’re loved one’s health as well to show them how great clean treats are.

  1. Don’t be afraid to say NO!

This is my biggest achievement – it’s gaining the willpower to say NO to

food and drink that won’t serve me if I don’t feel like it.

Food & alcohol bullies are real things. Don’t ever feel pressured to eat anything you don’t want to. Stand your ground, be confident in your decision, and know you are doing this for you. xx

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